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The Glass Slipper Literary Agency

We help you tell your story

Imagine what the world would be like if there were no books, films, songs, poems, videos and other modes of storytelling. Humanity has thrived on storytelling since time immemorial. There are always stories that need to be told. And there are always unique, hitherto uncharted voices that need to be heard, felt and experienced.


The Glass Slipper Literary Agency is a full-service literary agency that seeks to excavate, unearth and unveil stories that provoke, trigger, inflame, inspire, and awaken, bringing diverse, marginalized, and globally appealing voices to the world. We work with authors and publishers across the Americas, Europe, UK, and South Asia. We aim to change the face of the publishing industry by increasing diversity and evoking marginalized and underrepresented voices, including BIPOC,  LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent, and/or differently abled authors. 

 We proactively nurture writers across the world and take them through every stage of the roller-coaster that is intrinsic to getting published and/or having your work optioned for on-screen adaptation spanning films, TV shows, web series, and more. We believe in developing and furthering the careers of our authors, also helping them build a solid presence across all traditional and non-traditional media, worldwide. Beyond the contours of traditional representation to publishers, we brainstorm potential new projects, orchestrate all book rights for our clients, including translation, republication and entertainment rights, and actively pitch our authors and their works for slots in prime TV shows, print and electronic media outlets, including but not limited to, interviews, Q&As, book reviews and longer-form features on our writers and their works. 

We welcome and encourage submissions from underrepresented voices including persons with disabilities, and BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and/or neurodivergent authors, or stories that bring such voices to light. 

Our repertoire covers an eclectic range of fiction and non-fiction, including monologues and memoirs. 


We welcome #OwnVoices commercial, literary, and upmarket fiction from all marginalized and underrepresented voices. Our MSWL includes stories that address social issues that lie at the cross-section of race, immigration, gender, sexuality, body positivity and/or neutrality, mental health, trauma, and physical disability. 

Adult Fiction

Women's fiction

LGBTQIA+ fiction

Inspirational, contemporary, or historical romance (including LGBTQIA+ romance)

Legal fiction

Historical fiction 

Magical realism

True crime and / or cozy mysteries

Thrillers and suspense (psychological thrillers / crime thrillers / legal thrillers / espionage)

Family sagas

Blended-genre novels with strong voices and unique perspectives

(No religious fiction please!)


Young Adult Fiction

YA Romance 

Paranormal fiction (including paranormal fantasy and paranormal romance)

LGBTQIA+ fiction (including coming-of-age stories) 

Mysteries / Thrillers

Gothic and horror

Science fiction

YA fantasy

Historical fiction (including historical fantasy)



Books that emerge from investigative reporting on topics and themes of mass interest

Legal non-fiction


Business non-fiction


Inspirational / self-help


Health and Wellness 


(No religious or medical non-fiction please!)


For the time being, we are not accepting fiction submissions that focus solely on time travel and/or the Coronavirus pandemic. We also do not poetry and screenplays. 

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